Everyone wants to have that perfect smile. The confidence that one has when their teeth are perfect is indescribable. Unfortunately, not many people can get that confidence from their smiles. Over time, the foods and drinks that we take tend to discolor our teeth. When teeth are discolored, they are not pleasing to look at, which can lower the self-esteem of those with a problem. With the pressures of looking good in the modern world, discolored teeth can cause someone to be self-conscious and socially awkward. Fortunately, one can still afford a smile and get their self-confidence back by getting their teeth whitened. With an experienced dentist, he or she can advise you on the best teeth whitening procedure that can put a smile back to your face. Making an appointment with The Downey Dentist will provide some of the best whitening procedures for your teeth.

Types of Discolorations

There are two types of tooth discoloration, which are extrinsic and intrinsic staining. Extrinsic staining happens when the outermost part of the tooth enamel is discolored from drinks. Some of the beverages that stain teeth include tea, coffee, red wine, and cola. Cigarette smoking is also known to cause severe stains on one's teeth.

Intrinsic staining, on the other hand, goes deeper than the tooth enamel. There are multiple causes for this kind of discoloration. They include:

  • Fluorosis – this happens when the teeth are overexposed to fluoride
  • When a child receives tetracycline while very young before they are eight years
  • When a tooth suffers an accident or trauma
  • When a tooth experiences development disorders such as dentinogenesis imperfecta or amelogenesis imperfecta

Aside from the above reasons for tooth discoloration, aging can contribute to the discoloration of your teeth, both intrinsically and extrinsically.

Solution for Discolored Teeth

The type of procedure to whiten your discolored teeth will depend on what caused the discoloration. Necessary cleaning and polishing can get the work done for those that are not profoundly discolored. Whitening your teeth naturally, putting fillings, treatment of the root canal a well as internal bleaching of veneers or crowns can also be done. For this reason, it is crucial to visit a specialized dentist to get advice on the best procedure to use.

Teeth can be whitened naturally using two methods. The first one is the in-office bleaching, also known as zoom, and the second one is home bleaching. In this article, we will discuss all that one needs to know about zoom bleaching or whitening to enable you to decide on the best procedure.

Understanding Zoom Whitening

This kind of teeth whitening is performed at the dentist’s office. It involves the use of 25% of hydrogen peroxide as the whitening agent together with 450 to 465nm light. While the patient is seated on a dental chair, the whitening agent is applied on the affected teeth. And the lights are switched on. Once activated, the whitening agent is broken down to release oxygen to the dentin and enamel that, in turn, will bleach the discolored teeth.

Throughout the process, the structures for the teeth are not interfered with. Equally, the dentin or enamel suffers from no harm. The procedure does not take a long time, and once done, you can have your radiant smile back.

Who is Zoom Whitening Suitable for?

Individuals whose teeth are healthy but have a yellowish discoloration achieve the best results from zoom whitening. Teeth that seem grayish due to tetracycline staining can be resistant to a one-time zoom whitening procedure. This means that for a patient to fully enjoy the benefits of zoom whitening, they may have to go through several processes.

Zoom whitening will also not change the color of veneers, crowns, or dental fillings. If you perform zoom whitening, you may need to consider changing or replacing the old teeth restorations. This may be necessary to ensure they match your current teeth color after whitening. One of the advantages of zoom whitening is that patients don’t have to repeat the procedure severely. One process lasting a maximum of two hours can be enough to whiten your teeth.

Zoom whitening is, however, not ideal for children below the age of 13. Breastfeeding or pregnant mothers are also advised against undergoing the procedure.

Some people may also not experience the effects of zoom whitening as well as others. Before settling on the procedure, your dentist will carry out a thorough exam of your teeth as well as perform a shade assessment. After this, he or she will let you know if the procedure is suitable to whiten your teeth or not.

Cost of Zoom Whitening

On average, the cost of the zoom whitening is about $500. This cost is inclusive of the kit for home use that helps maximize the results of the procedure. Unfortunately, many cosmetic dental procedures are not paid by your insurance. The cost of doing zoom whitening is, however, not affected by many of the insurance plans available.

Planning on Zoom Whitening Procedure

Even after reading this article, it is advisable to visit a dentist before deciding whether this is the right procedure for you. On visiting your dentist, he or she will carry out a comprehensive of your gums and teeth to ensure they are in good health. The dentist will also discuss oral hygiene with you as well as the habits you have that will indicate whether you can benefit from the procedure or not. Once the dentist can establish all these things, he or she will advise on the best method for whitening your teeth.

In case you are planning to have other dental procedures, the dentist can advise you to do the whitening of your teeth first to ensure the items used will match with your current teeth color. This is important to avoid having to restore your teeth after undergoing cosmetic dental procedures.

As the dentist is carrying out your oral examination, he or she will be able to notice any past dental work that may not respond to the agents of whitening and advise you on the same.

How the Zoom Procedure is Carried Out

The whole process of zoom whitening takes about an hour. Before the procedure commences, it is advised to clean your teeth first. The dentist will begin the procedure by covering your gums and lips while having the teeth exposed. After, the hydrogen peroxide whitening agent that is in paste form is applied on the teeth. Together with the zoom light, discoloration or stains are broken down, causing your teeth to become whiter. As the light is activated, the whitening gel remains on the teeth for at least 15 minutes.

After fifteen minutes, the gel is removed, and another one applied on the teeth. This is repeated until three sessions lasting fifteen minutes each is completed. The procedure may, however, not be suitable for individuals that suffer from gag reflex or anxiety. One of the side effects of zoom whitening is the sensitivity your teeth suffer afterward. Once the procedure is completed, the dentist will apply a fluoride gel that reduces the sensitivity of your teeth.

Maintaining the Whitened Effects of your Teeth

After the procedure, your dentist will send you home with a touch-up kit for home use. The kit is customized by being fitted with whitening trays. Your dentist will illustrate how to use the touch-up kit to ensure its proper use.

Your dentist will also advise you on the foods and drinks to avoid so that you can maintain the effects of zoom whitening. However, it may be impossible to cut out all the beverages or foods that discolor your teeth. Instead, you may be requested to eat them in moderation. Your dentist can, however, suggest that you quit smoking if you do. Tobacco will always stain your teeth even after whitening them. If you want to maintain the faded effect, you may be forced to stop smoking altogether.

Keeping proper dental hygiene is also essential in maintaining the effects of the whitening. Flossing and brushing will prevent the formation of stains on your teeth again. Having regular dental appointments is also essential in ensuring your teeth stay in good condition.

Some kinds of toothpaste are made with whitening agents in them. Your dentist may recommend that you opt to use them instead of regular toothpaste.

Why You Should Choose Zoom Whitening

Many procedures promise to whiten discolored teeth. Some are homemade therapies, while others are performed at the dentist's clinics. Of all the teeth whitening procedures, Zoom whitening offers some of the most excellent advantages over other methods. Some of these include:

  • Time Efficiency – while other processes take a long time, the zoom whitening procedure takes a short time, and the results are remarkable. From when the procedure begins to its end, the process typically takes a maximum of an hour to accomplish. Some other methods can take several hours to achieve with others requiring one to have repeat procedures to achieve desirable results.
  • Pain-free – the process of whitening teeth through the zoom procedure is painless. Although one may experience some slight sensitivity during the treatment, the feeling wears our relatively fast.
  • Safe – compared to the traditional laser method of whitening teeth, there is limited exposure to infrared light. The only part exposed to the light is the teeth. This means that the rest of the body is not exposed to UVB or UAV lights, and one’s mouth will not be burned.
  • Excellent Results – this treatment is so effective such that results are seen after only one treatment. The results from the treatment are also more long-lasting than those of other procedures.

Other In-office Teeth Whitening Procedures

Aside from zoom white zoom teeth whitening procedure, there are different procedures dentists can use to whiten your teeth. Some of these include:

Lumibrite Whitening

This is a relatively new procedure in the market in teeth whitening. The hydrogen peroxide used here is higher than that of the zoom procedure. During this procedure, a dentist has the option to use or not use a light. This procedure, like the zoom whitening, takes a short while for a person to experience the results. The treatment also leaves a person with sensitive teeth, making it necessary to apply a desensitizing gel that helps reduce sensitivity.

Before carrying out this procedure, one will also require the dentist to carry out a thorough examination of their teeth and dental health. The dentist will also identify if there are other cosmetic procedures the patient has and how they will be affected by Lumibrite whitening.

The results from this procedure are impressive as well, but to maintain them, one must avoid beverages or foods that stain the teeth. However, when one consumes these foods or drinks, they should immediately clean up, and if they have a whitening mouth rinse, they can use it.

After the treatment, the doctor will give you a take-home kit that will increase the effectiveness of the procedure. The dentist will guide you on how to use the kit to maximize the effects.

Unfortunately, this procedure is not ideal for children, especially those below 12 years.

Similarly, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women are also not ideal candidates for this procedure. It is important to remember that it is best to let a dentist recommend the best method for you after the dental examination is done.

When you and your dentist settle for this procedure, it is crucial to understand that your insurance is likely not to cover the cost of doing it. The average price for the procedure is between $400 and $500.

Britesmile Whitening

This is another method of in-office whitening procedure that is said to produce excellent results as well. Before the procedure is carried out, the dentist will want to examine your teeth and general oral health. If everything is ok, the doctor will advise you if this is the best method for you.

For this procedure, the dentist uses both a light and a gel that contains hydrogen peroxide. The gel with the light works together to break down the discoloration on the teeth, and bring out the bright white surface. The gel is made with water and glycerin, which are essential ingredients in keeping the teeth well hydrated.

Just like in other whitening procedures, the aftercare will require the patient to avoid consuming foods and drinks that would stain their teeth. If they do, proper cleaning is necessary to prevent staining the teeth again.

The cost of the treatment varies from one dental clinic to the next. The average price, however, ranges between $400 and $600. It is important to note that insurance companies will also not cover this procedure.

Home Teeth Whitening Solutions

Aside from the zoom procedure to whiten teeth, there are other methods that one can use to whiten their teeth. These procedures can also be done from the dentist’s clinic or home. Here, we discuss a few methods used. These are:

The chewing of gum or use of whitening strips

These are typically home-based procedures where a person buys the gum and chews or pastes strips on the discolored tooth or teeth. Some of the whitening gums, aside from them being sugar-free, they help in removing food particles from the teeth and gums. Chewing of the whitening gum has many other benefits. One of them is the ability to stimulate saliva into the mouth that helps keep one’s mouth lubricated or moist.

As a person is chewing on the whitening gum, their teeth get a coating that prevents them from getting stained again. If these gums are used often, then one can keep their teeth white.

Whitening strips are tiny plastic strips that contain a gel that contains peroxide. The side with the gel is applied on the teeth surface to break down the discoloration. Unfortunately, for one to experience noticeable results, they must be used for several days, thirty days each time.

Tray-based Whiteners

One can only buy this product in OTC kits. They involve using a mouth guard that resembles a tray that has a teeth whitening solution that is gel-based. This gel contains bleaching agents that have peroxide to assist in improving teeth whitening from home.

Initially, impressions of the teeth are taken, and a tray is molded to fit the patient’s mouth. These trays are typically designed for home use, and for that reason, they have lower peroxide concentrations. To experience excellent results, a person must use the trays for at least two weeks. A session lasting between thirty and sixty minutes is ideal each day.

Whitening Rinses and Toothpaste

Toothpaste can be made with abrasives that will gently polish the outer parts of a person’s teeth. These abrasive agents help with the removal of discoloration or stains on the teeth surface. Equally, some mouth rinses can contain hydrogen peroxide that acts as a bleaching agent. Most of these products can be bought over the counter and are ideal to use daily. After a short period, a person can start noticing some changes. There are also specially designed toothbrushes meant to polish teeth. These are made with condensed bristles that are specially designed for this purpose.

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